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Use your digital identity to access the online services of the public administration.

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How to obtain the SPID, CIE, CNS

SPID identity allows citizens to access the online services of Public Administrations with a single Digital Identity.

All citizens over 18, in possession of a valid Italian identification document (identity card, passport, driving license), social security card (tessera sanitaria/tesserino del codice fiscale) or the tax number (codice fiscale) can request the SPID identity from providers.

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The new electronic identity card (Cie) is the identity document that will replace the paper one.

There are two versions that are recognizable in the following way:
Electronic identity card 3.0
Version 3.0 of the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) has been released since 2016 and is easily recognizable by the presence of the microchip in the upper left corner, by the inscription Italian Republic, Ministry of the Interior.
Electronic identity card 2.0
Electronic identity card 2.0 was issued from 2004 to 2016, you can recognize it by some distinctive graphic elements such as the map of Italy in the upper right corner and by the words Italian Republic with a yellow background.

The National Service Card (CNS) is a tool that allows the identification of the citizen online.

To activate it, you need to go to one of the authorized desks in the region to which you belong. For its use it is necessary to have a special remote digital reading device.

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Legal references

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